Unleash Your Inner Genius As You Build Your Hypnotic Inner Dream Team!

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Whether you are new to Hypnosis or a seasoned professional  using "The CIA Experience" will Transform your Practice and Change your Life!

Discover how The CIA Experience will help you create a Deeply Powerful Relationship with your Unconscious Mind and provide a Creative Journey to Personal Transformation

This is an HTLive 2023 Post Conference Training Event, July 25th and 26th. Scroll down and take advantage of the Early Bird Special!


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 Have you been placing a dream on the back burner, or putting off writing that book? Maybe you see others race ahead of you and wonder how they do it? Or perhaps you have been telling yourself " I'll do it one day" but that day never seems to come?

The CIA Experience will show you how to tap into the power of your unconscious mind and draw from it infinite amounts of wisdom, inspiration, motivation and success.

Spend 2 full days creating your  'Council of Inner Advisors', your own personal inner dream team to guide, support and inspire you and add the rocket fuel to achieving your personal goals. 


 Searching for a Guide for Personal Evolution? In this 2 day live training event you will: 

  • Understand the hypnotic phenomena that underlie The CIA Experience

  •  Learn to have deep rapport with your unconscious mind 

  • Encounter personal insights, creative thoughts and inspirational moments 

  • Use The CIA Experience to reach your dreams, build a business, become financially secure, and find love - or whatever your personal focus may be

  • Stop drifting aimlessly through your life. Discover the Life you were born to live, and how to step into it.

  • Discover the drive, discipline and methodology to get more done in less time, using your CIA

Ready to achieve your dreams,   by creating a powerful inner forum of cheerleaders?

  • Create Your personalized Inner Dream Team of guides and personal advisors

  • Build an inner sacred space in which to hold meetings and gain insights

  • Understand the power of dream incubation

  • Discover unique methods of communicating with and using your council

  • Begin a fascinating journey through your unconscious mind, walk hidden Pathways; meet Secret Allies; and discover hidden workings of your own psyche

  • Explore the Shamanic approach to CIA work

  • Live your dreams! Achieve your goals! 

Meet Your Trainers

A unique opportunity to train with 3 of the top hypnosis trainers in the world!

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Sarah Carson

Sarah is a Certified HNLP/NLP Trainer and Master Hypnosis Trainer. She is a partner in The Intelligent Hypnotist team and nowadays sees clients via Zoom. She is the co-author (with Shawn Carson) of the CIA Pattern, alongside The Meta Pattern, Quit, HypnoGames for HypnoJunkies and many more!


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Shawn Carson

Shawn Carson is hypnosis trainer, a hypnotist and coach with a private practice in New York City, an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, a ‘Brain-Based Trainer’, Clean Language Facilitator, and award winning author with titles covering hypnosis, NLP, Tree of Life, Deep Trance Identification (DTI), and neuroscience for hypnotists and coaches.


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Jess Marion

Jess is an HNLP/ NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, Certified Master Coach, and Integration Coach. In addition to authoring and co-authoring over 10 books, including The Hypnotic Coach, Jess is also a meditation and Yoga Nidra instructor, and has trained in Mazatec, Andean, and other shamanic healing traditions. 

The Council of Inner Advisors

Have you ever wished you could create like Thomas Edison, have the business acumen of Steve Jobs, the compassion of Mother Teresa or the insight of Milton Erickson? Or maybe the determination of an Olympic athlete, the flair of a renowned designer, or the strategic ability of a chess Grand Master. Have you ever wondered what it might be like to sit down and chat with Elizabeth 1, seek advice from Abraham Lincoln, ask for guidance from Nelson Mandela or even Superman?

Based on Napoleon Hill’s Invisible Counselor Visualization exercise, within this 2 day CIA Experience you will

  •  Create your own “Dream Team” of 4-6 inner advisers

  • Establish an inner meeting space or aleph point

  • Interact with your council members

  • Learn and create unique ways to use your council to achieve your personalized goals

  • Use Dream Incubation to consolidate your learnings, gain further insights and supercharge your experience

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What is the Council of Inner Advisors?

In 1937 Napoleon Hill published his book: "Think and Grow Rich". Towards the end of this book, Hill outlined his idea of a "cabinet of Invisible Counselors". He had 9 core members of his team, each chosen for their specific skills and expertise. Each evening before bed he would imagine meeting with members of his council to ask for advise, discuss ideas, or ask questions and frequently on waking he would have new insights, answers and clarity.

We have expanded upon Hills original idea, updated the name and placed it within the context of Hypnosis and personal transformation.


Creating and using your Council of Inner Advisors can help you transform any aspect of your life.

In this 2-Day class you will have the opportunity to create your own "inner dream team" of 4-6 members specifically focused on your personalized goal or outcome.

We will take a deep dive into the 6 key steps of the pattern, from the selection of members, through creating a meeting space and interacting with your council.

Come with an idea of what you want to create a council for. Do you have a project that you are procrastinating about, or maybe you are feeling stuck in some aspect of your life? You can create a council for absolutely anything - so come ready to play!


Day 1 you will:

  • Learn the history of the CIA Experience

  • Understand the parallels with Michael Grazianos' work on Avatars

  • Learn what makes a 'good' council

  • Use 4 different methods for selecting your specific council members

  • Create the perfect meeting place or sanctuary for your council

  • Begin to interact with each council member to create deeper hypnotic rapport and connection

  • Experience the power of Dream Incubation to consolidate your learnings and gain insight from your council


Day 2 you will:

  • Begin to interact and learn from your council members

  • Use the Disney Pattern 

  • Utilize the power of metaphor, and VAK interactions  

  • Play with the Polar Vortex pattern

  • Explore the Shamanic approach to CIA work and access a council that transcends time, space, and context

  • And Much More!!


Come with a goal - writing that book, achieving exercise goals, excelling at business, creating meaningful relationships etc - and leave with a dream team to support your journey and guide your future!

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