Hypnotic Coaching Demo Weekend

Make lasting personal change and be a part of a this dynamic training experience!

February 10th and 11th, 1pm-7pm. 

Your Investment is Only $97

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Unique Training Opportunity

Over these two days you will make lasting personal change while also deepening your hypnosis and coaching skills.

Video Demo

Here is a sample of the type of experience you'll have at this exclusive event!


Observe Coaching Demonstrations

You will get the rare opportunity to see full coaching sessions done live.  After, we will break down the different elements of the session and you can have your coaching questions answered.  

Experience Change 

When deepening any skill it is essential to experience it from as many positions as possible.  When you experience personal change your skills as a hypnotic coach grow and you become even more congruent with your clients.  We are keeping this training small so everyone has the chance to be a client.  

You're In The Driver's Seat

To further support your growth though out the training you can request to see shorter demos of various techniques as well as have your questions about client work answered.  

Your Trainers and Coaches

Jess Marion, Sarah Carson, and Shawn Carson are certified (H)NLP, NLP, and Hypnosis trainers. They run a busy practice in New York City and when they aren't teaching or seeing clients they are busy writing with 16 books currently to their names.

Meet Our Team

Jess Marion

Sarah Carson

Shawn Carson

Space is Limited!

Class size is limited so reserve your seat now. Please note that this training will be filmed which means we are able to bring it to you for a highly discounted price. Please only sign up if you are comfortable being recorded.


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