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Over the past 4 years we have written and published 16 books including the award winning "Keeping the Brain in Mind" (co-authored with Melissa Tiers). In this 2 day training we are going to share with you the strategies that have lead to our writing success. The best part is you can implement these strategies and have your first book published before HTLive 2019!

During This 2 Day Training You Will Discover

Section 1: Your "Writer's State"

Your state is key to your writing success.  You will develop the ideal state when writing.  You will also learn how to leverage your state to avoid burn out and see your project to completion. 

Section 2: The Pre- Write Strategy That Writes Your Book For You 

You will learn the strategy that we use prior to starting any book.  This strategy allows you to brain storm effectively while also organizing your content.  This strategy ensures that you will know exactly what to write at every step of the way. 


Section 3: Understanding Your Audience 

The clearer you are about your book's ideal audience the more targeted and easier your writing becomes.  We will share our strategy for profiling our ideal audience.  Hint: doing this well improves sales and reviews.  Skipping this step can sink a book.

Section 4: Writing For the Conscious Mind and Writing For the Unconscious Mind 

We are hypnotists and that applies to our written communication as well.  We will cover how to use effective hypnotic language and structures in your writing in a way that is natural and allows you to hold a conversation with the reader's conscious and unconscious minds at the same time.  This improves the reader's experience and comprehension while also seeding transformation. 


Section 5: Tips, Tricks, And Technology 

Finally we will walk you through how to publish and print your book, get it onto Amazon Kindle, and the little known secrets that will get you good reviews and help your placement on sites like Amazon.  

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Writing Books Makes You Money!

Check out our sales over the last 3 years after our co-authors were paid! Writing books grows your wealth and boosts your reputation. 

Meet Your Trainers

Sarah Carson

Sarah is an (H)NLP trainer and hypnosis master trainer.  She is the co-founder of Changing Mind Publishing and The Intelligent Hypnotist.  She has written 8 books. 

Jess Marion

Jess is an (H)NLP and hypnosis trainer.  She is the co-founder of Changing Mind Publishing and The Intelligent Hypnotist.  She has written 9 books.  

Build Your Reputation and Business Through Writing and Publishing Your Own Books

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