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Welcome to the Mind Lab - the playful head space where new ideas grow. 

Join us to experience completely new, unique and innovative change work patterns, concepts and ideas. This is the place for inner discoveries and diverse connections.

Each month we will spend two evenings exploring a brand new pattern and you will have time to enjoy practicing your new learnings with your classmates.

The Mind Lab is the place to play, discover, connect and grow.


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Let's Grow Together

Over two evenings, you will have the opportunity to be on the leading edge of creation. Every pattern, system or technique was designed by someone somewhere, so why not be in on the process, the first to learn the newest processes and change work ideas. In the past our Mind Labs have been the genesis for systems of change, patterns and books such as "The CIA Pattern ', "The Best Coach Pattern", "The M & M Pattern" and more . Come and explore with us and see just how far a new idea may go!


From our living room to yours - come with us on a journey of discovery, innovation and fun. 

Step into the mindset of an explorer, inventor and creator of something new and different.


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All Class Run From 6:30 to 8:30 PM Eastern Time (New York Time) Between May and November 2021. 

Radiant Coaching

May 20th and 27th 2021
Inside of your client (and you) is an interconnected universe without a starting or ending point. This means change does not need to be in straight line.  Step into the fun and powerful nonlinear world of Radiant Coaching. 

The Michael Jordan Pattern

June 17 and 24th 2021
Michael Jordan knows a secret about reframing that many therapists don't.  It is so much more than wishful thinking or a clever twist given to clients. When applied holistically to your life reframing can change everything!

Energetic Realities

August 19th and 26th 2021
This lab is all about self care for coaches. We will explore the role of universal energy in our well being both in sessions and beyond as well as techniques to enhance the flow of energy in your life. This meditative lab is a space where in you can just be.

Pranic Coaching

September 23rd and 30th 2021
Building on the previous lab we will now explore the role of energy (prana) in change work. You will learn the 3 different modes of energy and how to leverage them to create change. We will explore energy based patterns to add to your toolkit. 



 October 21st and 28th 2021
Explore how you can take control of what you are truly in control of in life. The LIFE BEAT is an elegant and powerful life coaching system that gives you the tool to help your clients and you create an ideal life.

Creative Destruction

November 11th and 18th 2021
Discover the ultimate life hack that will give you the ability to break down old behavioral and emotional patterns into their moving parts and then repurpose and rebuild those parts in a way that lets you create an updated reality congruent with the life you want to have. 

Meet Your "Lab Partners"


Shawn Carson

Shawn began the "NLP Lab" in 2013 as a space to explore, experiment, and teach new patterns. In 2021 he is thrilled to bring the Lab to the larger change work community via Zoom. He is a NLP and HNLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, Coach, and author. He is the creator and co-creator of a number of new protocols including Deep Trance Identification, the BEAT, and Conscious Evolution. He is a true innovator in the field. 

Jess Marion

Jess has been a creative force in the field since 2010. She is the creator and co-creator of a number of protocols including Quit and Deep Trance Identification. She is a NLP and HNLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, Certified Master Coach, and author.  Jess is also a certified Yoga Nidra and Prana Vidya teacher. 

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