Discover How to Use the Magic of HypnoTarot to Transform Your Life. 

Discover a Unique and Complete Life Coaching system based on the Tarot, for use With or Without Tarot Cards.

Take your Tarot Skills to the Next Level. 

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Whether you are new to Tarot or an experienced reader adding Shawn's Hypno-Tarot Personal Evolution System will Transform your Practice and Change your Life!

Discover how you can use the Powerful Metaphors and Secret Pathways hidden in the Tarot for Self Discovery and Personal Transformation

This is an HTLive 2022 Pre Conference Training Event, July 26th and 27th. Scroll down and take advantage of the Early Bird Special!


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Learn how to use the Tarot to reveal what lies behind and beyond the 'Mask'. Discover your own Royal Court to advise you in life. Utilize Apophenia and the Barnum Effect to turn Tarot into a powerful and trusted personal adviser. Gain insight into your actions and hidden motivations using a simple three-card spread. And much, much more! 

 Searching for a Guide for Personal Evolution? In this 2 day live training event you will: 

  • Learn to trust the Wisdom of the Tarot to Guide you on your journey

  • Discover your own (or your client's) four Masks and how these can lead to personal insight and spiritual awakening.

  • Discover how to use the Tarot as a powerful personal adviser

  • Use the Wisdom of Tarot to reach your dreams, build a business, become financially secure, and find love

  • Stop drifting aimlessly through your life. Discover the Life you were born to live, and how to step into it.

  • Use the Tarot as an endless source of creativity and inspiration

  • Discover the drive, discipline and methodology to get more done in less time using the Tarot

  • Learn to Order Your Steps with powerful Tarot meditations

  • Use the Personal Evolution System with or without Tarot cards

Ready to expand your practice in a new direction while gaining tools for your own life?

You will also learn:

  • Understand the hypnotic phenomena that underlie successful Tarot readings

  • Leverage the Meta Pattern to move your client out from under their ‘crossing card’, and keep them moving in the right direction

  • Build a Royal Court of Advisers who will be there for you whenever and wherever you need counsel and advice

  • Unravel the rhizome with the Tarot; lead your client on a journey to past, present and future, conscious and unconscious, revealed and hidden, light and shadow aspects of their question.

  • Begin a fascinating journey through the Tarot: walk hidden Pathways; meet Secret Allies; and discover hidden Masks of your own psyche

  • Live your dreams! Achieve your goals! 

Meet Your Trainer and Guide

A unique opportunity to train with a world class hypnosis trainer and skilled Tarot reader.

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Shawn Carson

Shawn Carson is hypnosis trainer, a hypnotist and coach with a private practice in New York City, an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, a ‘Brain-Based Trainer’, Clean Language Facilitator, and award winning author with titles covering hypnosis, NLP, Tree of Life, Deep Trance Identification (DTI), and neuroscience for hypnotists and coaches.

Shawn has had a deep interest in Tarot for many years and has taught numerous workshops combining Tarot and Hypnosis. He is fascinated by the many parallels between Tarot and hypnosis, as well as the history of Tarot and the archetypes of the cards.


New to Tarot?

 This course will give you a complete system for coaching your own or your client's self-evolution. 

You’ll discover how to:

  • Build a relationship with your Tarot Deck that will lead it to become a trusted adviser;
  • Apply the Tarot Personal Evolution System either with or without reading the cards;
  • 'Cold-read' anyone you meet in minutes using the Tarot Profiling System;
  • 'Pierce the Mask' to reveal hidden personalities and motivations (including your own!)

Using the Tarot Personal Evolution System you will learn powerful tools to:

  • Identify the life you were born to live;
  • Motivate yourself to achieve your dreams and goals;
  • Develop strategies to get you moving in the right direction;
  • Reveal obstacles to your success;
  • Set specific action plans and follow through on them

There is no prerequisite for this course, just an interest or curiosity in the Tarot.  You will be sent resources on various aspects of Tarot and you are encouraged to look at these before the course to give a basic shared foundation.

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New to Hypnosis?

If you are a Tarot reader, but not a hypnotist, then this course is for you. Learn powerful hypnosis and coaching principles and techniques to add even more power to your readings; turn one-off clients into long-term relationships; turn any reading into a magical trance experience that will keep your clients fascinated and give them real world benefits. 

Why HypnoTarot?

Tarot is the ultimate tool for self-exploration and development!

The Tarot has been around for over six hundred years, and it draws on symbolism from much older sources including Egypt, Greece and Rome. This symbolism underlies our Collective Unconscious. Therefore much of what you, and by extension your clients, believe, value and take for granted is revealed in the Tarot.

Systematically reading the cards and reading the relationships between the cards, in the context of your life’s journey and whatever issues you currently or habitually face, will reveal mechanisms that guide or control your life choices and decisions.

Use the Tarot Personal Evolution System to free yourself from the mechanisms that have historically trapped you, and to revel new directions and choices you may follow.

  • Hypnotists, extend your skills and practice using Tarot!

  • You can use the Tarot Personal Evolution System without ever looking at cards in front of your client!

If you’re looking for a new, exciting and lucrative practice niche, Tarot may be it! When you understand the hypnotic principles that underlie a Tarot reading, trance work becomes simple, powerful and unnoticed by the client who has come for a reading. 

Change becomes a magical experience! 

  • Hypnotic Tarot readers: learn hypnosis skills to enhance your readings and delight your clients!

  • Already a Tarot reader, but not a hypnotist? Then take your readings to a new level! If you’re a skilled reader, then you are already a hypnotist! At the end of this course you will consciously understand how to lead a client into trance, how to take the Querant into a resourceful state where they will hear, and respond to, the lessons the Tarot is providing during the reading.

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Exclusive Bonuses!

When you register for this training you will receive instant access to 2 digital trainings: Tree of Life Coaching and Deep Trance Identification!  This is over $1000 of bonus video content to enjoy from the comfort of your home. 

Tarot for Personal Evolution HTLive 2022 Pre- Conference Event

HypnoThoughts Live 2022 Las Vegas, Nevada 

I am proud to be partnering with HTLive again in 2022 and also to be a conference presenter.  This is the largest and best hypnosis event of the year!

Conference registration is normally $597

When you sign up for Tarot for Personal Evolution you can reserve your HTLive ticket for only $333! 

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  • 2 days of live training 
  • Instant access to over $1000 worth of video bonuses 
  • Ticket to HTLive 2021
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6 Monthly Payments

  • 2 days of live training 
  • Instant access to over $1000 worth of video bonuses 
  • Ticket to HTLive 2021
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