Conversational Hypnotherapy: An Introduction to Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching

Move beyond inductions and suggestion and learn how to leverage both conscious and unconscious processing in this exclusive HTLive Pre Conference Training August 21-23

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This 3 day training will revolutionize how you work with clients. The skills that you will gain here will allow you to apply hypnotic principles not just in client work but also in settings where formal hypnosis isn't appropriate. You will master the art of multi-level communication making change work flow like a natural conversation. You will benefit from my 12 years of Hypnotic Coaching experience.

In this Training You Will Disocver

Part 1: Coaching in the NOW 

Emotions and behaviors exist in the body a half a second before conscious awareness.  In this part we will explore how to hold a hypnotic conversation with that part of your client. You will learn how to calibrate the unconscious meanings of your client's "conscious" communication.  You will also discover the preframes that lead to success. 


Part 2: Understanding Problems

Say good bye to having to ask for advice or look up scripts when a prospective client calls you with an issue you haven't seen.  In this part you will discover how to understand the structure of your client's problem and help them undo it.  

Part 3: The Structure of Change 

In this section we will explore the Meta Pattern and how to apply it conversationally.  You will discover the power of End State Energy and how you can leverage it to help your clients change rapidly even when they hit sticking points.  

Part 4: Change Work Strategies 

Finally you will learn a number of strategies to add to your hypnosis toolkit including: 

  • Attention Shifting Coaching (also known as Mind Bending Language) 
  • How to handle a client's "yes but" 
  • Conversational Regression
  • How to install Recovery Strategies 
  • And Much More!  

Meet Your Trainer

Shawn Carson

Shawn is an (H)NLP trainer, hypnosis trainer, and coach.  He is an award winning author and the co-founder of Changing Mind Publishing and The Intelligent Hypnotist.  

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