Deep Trance Identification

Have you ever dreamed about being truly masterful at something?  Is there something in your life you are passionate about and you would love to do it with more excellence?  Are you a coach or hypnotist looking to increase your success rates with clients?

Deep Trance Identification can help you to achieve your goals and much more.  First developed as a tool to increase musical abilities of students, DTI unlocks your brain’s infinite potential for learning.

DTI is the most powerful process we know of for personal generative and therapeutic change.

Over the the last 6 years Jess Marion and Shawn Carson have explored DTI's potential with clients and students and have refined our DTI protocol as well as a number of techniques to optimize the DTI experience.  

Currently Jess Marion facilitates DTI experiences for individuals and groups.  Shawn and Jess also run trainings teachings other hypnotists how to facilitate Deep Trance Identification modeling programs as well as how to integrate DTI techniques into therapeutic sessions in conjunction with the hypnotist's preferred approach.  

To schedule a session please email Jess at [email protected] 

We currently have 4 books available about Deep Trance Identification and as the result of modeling projects.