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Training Is For The Conscious And Unconscious Mind

Our trainings are designed and delivered with hypnotic principles in mind. We use hypnosis to teach hypnosis!  This goes far beyond group inductions. Our trainings present information and experiences in a way that naturally appeals to the unconscious mind. We create a training environment that supports curiosity, skills development, and personal transformation. 


In addition to certification courses in hypnotherapy and NLP/ (H)NLP; we offer trainings in Conversational Hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and Advanced Hypnotic Skills and Techniques. 

The Live Experience  

We learn best when we have novel and FUN experiences.  Our trainings are lively, informal, highly interactive. You don't just get information, you get to practice.

We integrate the latest findings in neuroscience with time tested techniques. We present what we know works from tens of thousands of hours of client experience both in hypnotherapy sessions and business consulting. 

Private Sessions 

The 3 of us come from diverse backgrounds with individual professional interests. We offer traditional hypnotherapy services, hypnotic coaching, Deep Trance Identification, and business coaching.  All of these are under the banner of TranceFormative Coaching. We believe in using every skill we have to help clients achieve their goals. If you are interested in private sessions please have a look through our individual pages to choose the coach that best suites your needs.  

Current Digital Training Programs

"Phenomenal training!.. The books from Sarah and Shawn Carson and Jess Marion and their trainings- phenomenal! "

Karen Hand
Hypnosis Trainer

"It (the training) was really amazing...I had a big shift, It was really amazing and I also picked up great practical knowledge for working with my clients."

James Hazlerig
Professional Hypnotist and Storyteller

"When the student is ready the teacher arrives... It allowed me to become more of who I already am and bring that level of excellence moving forward"

Mohammed Sheikh
MindMechanic, Hypnotist, and Certified HeartMath Trainer

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