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Change happens in the space in between!

We are 3 trainers from diverse backgrounds who are united in our belief that change happens because of the relationship between hypnotist/ coach and client and the relationship between conscious processing and our deeper wisdom. Patterns and techniques help to create a context for change and it is your unique spirit that flows through the techniques to create change.  We want to help you connect with your deepest potential and bring forward your voice as a change worker.  

Training with us gives you a space where you can focus on your inner growth as much as your skills development.  

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Mentoring is the fast track to building your skills as a hypnotist or coach.  Jess offers 1-1 mentoring and supervision. 

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Phenomenal training!..The books Sarah and Shawn Carson, and Jess Marion write and their trainings- phenomenal!

Karen Hand

James Hazlerig

The training was really amazing... I had a big shift and I also picked up great practical knowledge for working with my clients.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

When the student is ready the teacher arrives. The training allowed me to become more of who I already am and to bring that level of excellence moving forward.

Mohammed Sheikh

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