Who Are We?


Who Are We?  

We are hypnotists, coaches, and trainers like you!  

And.. we are a team of 3 trainers who each bring a unique persepctive and approach to hypnosis, NLP, and coaching.  We are dedicated to providing cutting edge hypnosis, coaching, and corporate trainings that are informitive, transformational, and fun!  Our trainings integrate current neuroscientific thought with hypnosis, NLP/ HNLP, and other coaching modalitiies to help our students have even greater success.  

As a training team we are constantly creating new courses that are not a rehash of the same old skills.  This means you get access to the newest content available in the field of hypnosis.  We are committed to the upliftment of the field and to the success, growth, and happiness of the hypnosis community.  


Shawn Carson

Shawn was born in Lancashire, England, he moved to New York City in. Since then, as an ‘Englishman in New York’, Shawn has lived, loved, worked and taught in Manhattan.

Since childhood, he has been fascinated with the Mind. Shawn began to study the application of NLP to sales and management in 1994. Since that time, his interest has grown and he has become a Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP and Hypnosis Trainer, as well as seeing private clients. In addition he is a Clean Language Facilitator, Reiki Master and practitioner of EFT.

Shawn began to teach NLP and Hypnosis in 2006 and opened the doors of our training and coaching business, IPH, in 2007.

“Teaching and helping others in NLP and Hypnosis helps me to understand myself better. After all, at heart we all share the same fears, hopes, dreams.”

  • Shawn Carson began teaching NLP and Hypnosis in 2006 after completing a highly successful career in business consulting, including serving on the Board of Directors of a major international consulting organization. His experience in Business Consulting and consultative sales perfectly suits him to understand the needs of clients and students from the business world.
  • Shawn teaches our three levels of NLP (Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Advanced Master Practitioner), as well as our Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapist, and other hypnosis courses. In addition he teaches business influence courses and a variety of workshops corresponding to his interests.
  • NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer
  • Certified Hypnotist and Hypnosis Trainer
  • Clean Language Facilitator
  • Reiki Master and EFT practitioner
  • Author


Jess Marion

Hypnosis has been a life long passion for me.  Ever since I was young I had a deep curiosity for how the mind works.  I can still remember the first time I saw a hypnotist on T.V. who helped someone change their life, I was both amazed and hooked!  Since then I have been on an incredible journey.

In 2010 I opened Philadelphia Hypnosis where I saw clients until late 2014 when I made the decision to move my practice to New York City.

In 2012 I partnered with Sarah and Shawn Carson and am now a trainer at NLP Training New York.  In addition to the NLP, hypnosis, and advanced trainings we offer, we are 3 of only 25 people world wide certified to teach Igor Ledochowski’s Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Program.

I am also the co-author of 7 books and 3 digital training programs, including “Quit” which has been adopted by HPTI to train their hypnotists to effectively work with smokers.

Outside of the hypnosis world I was a university instructor for 7 years in the fields of comparative religions and anthropology.  Currently along with open trainings I provide corporate training in communication, leadership, and sales skills. .

  • (H)NLP/ NLP Trainer
  • Brain Based Leadership Trainer
  • Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Trainer
  • (H)NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotist with IACT and IAPCH
  • EFT Practitioner
  • Tree of Life Coach
  • Author
  • M.A.


Sarah Carson

I am a Certified (H)NLP Trainer, Certified Conversational Hypnosis Trainer,  Consulting Hypnotist and Co-Founder and Director of The International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis.

For many years I have been passionate about understanding how the mind works and my journey has taken my primarily into the world of NLP and Hypnosis. These two areas of study continue to fascinate me and I am always eager to learn more and to share what I learn.

During my own personal journey I discovered just how powerful the mind is and more I learned the more I wanted to know.  Along the way I also experienced my own personal transformations. These experiences convinced me that NLP and Hypnosis truly work for positive change. I became an NLP Trainer and Conversational Hypnosis trainer with the express goal of share my understandings and learnings with as many people as possible, to help them change their own lives and transform the lives of others.

At The International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis in New York City I teach NLP and Hypnosis Training Courses and also hold private consultations for individual personal transformation.

For me, this is not just a job, it is a passion, a way of life and I am dedicated to helping others learn the skills to transform their lives and live their dreams

  • Certified (H)NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner
  • Certified Conversational Hypnosis Trainer
  • Consulting Hypnotist
  • HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator
  • Hypnosis for Fertility Specialist
  • EFT Practitioner
  • MA Education