Quit Smoking

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a non-smoker. If this is your first time quitting then you have made the best choice available with hypnosis.  We will speak more about that in a moment.   If you are like millions of other smokers out there however, you have tried to quit before either cold turkey or with the aid of patches, gums, and drugs with little effect or even negative side effects.  It’s a familiar story, you quit smoking for a few weeks, months, or even years then for any number of reasons you had decided to pick it back up again.  And since then you’ve been stuck with the smell, health consequences, and money drain that smoking creates.

That’s how things were and now it’s time to do something different.  The main reason why people go back to smoking is because their unconscious mind hasn’t yet learned a better way to manage thoughts and emotions.  Smoking is not a chemical addiction, it is a habit and one that you can break now.  Hypnosis is a fast, easy, and effective way of doing just that.

Why Quit Smoking with Hypnosis?

Whether you are quitting for the first time or you’re ready for this to be the last time, you have chosen the right place.  Hypnosis is highly effective with smoking cessation because it gets right to the heart of the habit.  Hypnosis allows you reprogram your mind so that the old emotional and environmental triggers from the past no longer hold any influence.

Studies and our experience have found that 90% of those who choose Hypnosis are successful at quitting.  That is an astonishingly high statistic.  When you are ready to quit you can be sure that hypnosis will put you back in control of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Think about how good it will feel when you are breathing easily, feeling in control and free!

When you quit smoking with hypnosis you can expect to have a deeply transformative experience that will not only put you in control but also open new doors of possibility in your life.

Why Choose Us? 

We use the leading hypnotic protocol available. This has been developed over years of successfully helping client’s like you to quit.  We are leaders in the field and have written the book on smoking cessation for hypnotists.  Our protocol has been adopted by international organizations as the protocol they train their hypnotists to use.  Simply put- this process works. When you quit smoking with hypnosis and us you can look forward to quitting with ease and enjoying a smoke free life in under 3 hours.  

During Our Time Together You Will: 

Discover easy strategies for managing your emotions so that you are in control over cravings and another emotions that would have led you to smoke in the past

Reprogram your unconscious mind to fully appreciate the consequences of smoking and the outcomes of being smoke free.
Unconsciously rewrite your smoking history so that you can break free from that first cigarette and every other subsequent cigarette.
Rewire your neurology so that even lifting the cigarette becomes nearly impossible.

Neutralize all of the external triggers for smoking so that you can be more of who you are as someone who is free in those situations.
Clear up any unconscious ties with smoking so not only are free from that old habit but your unconscious mind understands that this is the time to make healthy changes so you won’t pick up any other unwanted habits.

Quit Smoking With Hypnosis Programs

We currently offer 3 options for smoking cessation: in person, via Skype, and corporate programs.  To schedule your free consultation please email us at [email protected] 

Hear What Some Of Our Smoke Free Clients Are Saying 



"I quit and am tension free... Thank you!" 

Jennifer- Philadelphia 



"The simplest thing I've done...I've been smoke free for 4 months (now 3 years!)"

Bud- New York


"It was easy... I can't wait to see what else hypnosis can do!" 

Nina- Philadelphia 


"Very awesome! I haven't had an urge to smoke since our session... Thanks for your help" 

Timothy- Philadelphia 


“As I walk to work and see people smoking, I think to myself how happy and lucky I am that I don’t smoke anymore! Thank you thank you.”

Lisa Kwan- New York


“This is the technique that helped me, a smoker of 20 plus years, to quit”

Jan- New York 


“I felt very safe and was fully aware of everything going on and everything she said to me – which primarily was that my unconscious mind knew how to manage stress and would help guide my conscious mind to make better choices. I felt completely relaxed after the session and left her office curious as to what would transpire next. “

Barbara- Philadelphia