Quit: The Ultimate System For Running Effective Stop Smoking Sessions







In This Video Training You Will Discover: 

  • How to navigate the initial phone call and consultation so you and your client are sure you're the right match for best results possible 
  • The core unconscious beliefs that all smokers have which will make or break any stop smoking sessions and how you can reframe those beliefs easily 
  • The 2 key techniques that will put control back in the hands of your client so that they are convinced they are in control of their emotions and cravings even outside of your office 
  • How to leverage your client's unconscious drivers to help them rewrite the coding of their brain
  • The 3 core techniques that create non smokers in the first session
  • How to use hypnotic phenomena to ensure your client does not pick up another unhealthy habit to replace cigarettes
  • How to utilize your client's expectations around hypnosis so that they leave with conviction that they are now non smokers
  • An Much More.... 

The Quit System is only $497



See What Former Students Are Saying


"I’ve learned different smoking cessation systems for over a decade, and each system had good ideas. But Jess, Sarah, and Shawn, have created a system that is the most complete I’ve ever learned.

They covered the entire process from the initial phone call, session intake, techniques, testing, getting a testimonial, and even covered a bit of marketing. I appreciated how they systematically chained one technique to another. I mean, it really does make sense that doing technique A creates a client mindset that is a useful input for technique B and so on.

At the same time, I appreciated the flexibility of their protocol. They emphasized the need to view each client as a true individual. Learn the client’s situation, their meta programs, etc. And only then is it time to choose what to do. Client comes first, techniques come second.

And the course was actually fun, too. Jess, Sarah, and Shawn brought a good sense of humor to the videos and webinars. You can tell that they love teaching, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to take their course.

No protocol can guarantee 100% success with smokers, but I feel that this protocol is as close as you can get. I look forward to using it to save more lives." 

William Song C.Ht

In this training you will get: 

  • Over 12 hours of video content 
  • PDF version of "Quit: The Hypnotist's Handbook For Running Effective Stop Smoking Sessions"
  • PDF version of "From Call to Client" 
  • Private Facebook Group 

Hear From Clients Who Quit Thanks to Our Program 




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