Private Sessions

Tranceformative Coaching and Hypnotherapy 

The coaching relationship is one of the most dynamic pathways to personal freedom and success.  One on one coaching creates an atmosphere of trust where your inner resourcefullness and creativity can come forward in your life.  Unlike traditional forms of coaching that rely heavily on the conscious mind to create change our approach taps into your unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind holds the greatest amount of influence over our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.  To create lasting change your coach will help you to connect with the deepest parts of you.  Transformative coaching integrates Hypnosis (classical and Ericksonian), NLP, EFT, Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling, Attention Shifting Coaching and other paradigms to build a highly personalized coaching experience.  

Coaching and hypnosis can help in a variety of areas including: 

  • Letting go of stress and anxiety 
  • Disolving phobias and fears 
  • Smoking cessation 
  • Sleep related issues 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • And much more 

Contact us to see if hypnosis and coaching are right for you!  For Skype and phone coaching please contact Jess directly.  

Sarah Carson 

To schedule a consultation please email her at- [email protected] 




Jess Marion 

To schedule a consultation please contact her at- [email protected] 





Shawn Carson

To schedule a consultation please contact him at

[email protected]










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