A Hypnotic Coaching Approach To Fear of Flying

hypnosis Mar 29, 2018

The fear of flying is a common issue that hypnotists see with clients.  Here are some easy steps for helping clients break fear.  

1 Understanding the Real Problem 

Clients do not have a fear of flying.  They have a fear of crashing, confined space, or of not being in control.  When you know where your client sits in these categories it becomes much easier to help them change.  

2 Normailzing the Fear of Crashing 

It is natural to be afraid of crashing.  In fact I'd be more concerned if I had a client who wasn't afraid of this.  I typically tell my clients this to introduce some laughter, let them know there is nothing wrong with them, and begin the process of reframing. 

3 Strategies 

Fear of flying clients have some very predictable strategies (in NLP terms) for doing the fear.  I elicit the strategy to help bring to conscious awareness that the client is creating and perpetuating the issue.  Once it's in conscious awareness they are more empowered to take control of their own states.  This step also allows you to easily shift the visual and auditory submodalities within the problematic strategy. 

4 Tools 

Give the client some new strategies for managing their states.  EFT, the Backward Spin, and HeartMath are all great strategies that leave the client feeling like they are in control 

5 Reimprinting 

In rare cases clients will have had traumatic events related to the fear.  Reimprinting/ regression may be a useful tool here.  

6 Direct Suggestion

Hypnosis clients want hypnosis.  Doing a formal trance at some point in the session helps to meet the client's expectations and creates an ideal state for integration.  Direction suggestions will help support everything else you are doing.  

7 Collapse Anchors 

There are some very common triggers for the fear such as booking the ticket (seeing the computer screen), seeing the plane, sitting in the seat etc.  Go through and collapse positive states onto those triggers.  

8 Meta Problem 

Finally be sure to clean up any meta problems if present such as the fear of losing control of one's self while on the plane.  The client might have had an experience of this in the past that will need to be reframed.  



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