Success With Polarity Responders

hypnosis hypnotherapy Mar 22, 2018

Polarity responders at first can come across as negative or "resistant" clients.  They can easily frustrate hypnotists who just want to help but it's as if the hypnotist is hitting a brick wall.  You can easily avoid this frustration by understanding that it's not the client being negative or resistant (in most cases and assuming you screen your clients first) and it's nothing personal toward you.  The polarity response is wired into to how these clients think.  It's often tied to curiosity, problem solving, and creative thinking.  Embrace the polarity response and use it!  

2 Key Ways to Utilize Polarity Responses In Your Hypnosis Sessions 

1) The Knot Induction 

You can use their response as the path way into hypnosis as described in the video.  When you have them negate your statements as described above you are indirectly inviting the client to give herself simple  embedded suggestions.  The key is to emphasize the pause after the "not" and the tonality shift.  Once you introduce the negation you've added confusion to the induction. 

2) Leveraging Polarity for Change

The main question to consider is how can the client use this natural skill to solve their problem.  To do this you will need to gently bring the pattern to conscious awareness so that it client can engage with it.  This may not always be appropriate with every client and rapport will be an important component to it.   

Treat the polarity response as a skill and something that can assist your client in changing.


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