NLP Modeling vs. Deep Trance Identification


NLP modeling techniques and Deep Trance Identification both have the end goal of helping people to step into greater levels of personal excellence by teaching us how to learn from others who are masterful in the areas that we would like to improve.  

Modeling and DTI come at this from different ends of the spectrum.  NLP modeling is a deductive process that relies on the modeler to consciously elicit and impliment unconscious information from the model.  DTI on the other hand is an inductive approach that allows both the modeler and model to experience the skill and way of being on the uncsoncious level rather than making it conscious.  

An example of this would be the hypnotist who spends hundreds of hours analyzing Milton Erickson's work and creating a conscious explanation for it versus the hypnotist who steps into Erickson's shoes and feels what it is like to do hypnosis as Erickson.  

Both approaches compliment each other and are useful in the...

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The DTI Pattern You Should Do With Every Client


The Future Self Deep Trance Identification Pattern 

This technique is a powerful method for formating your client's unconscious mind for success.  It invites them to dream into who they really want to be even beyond the change they want to acheive with you.  Most importantly it pulls them irresistably through the change process.  


1. Invite the client to create an image of their future self.  This is the version of them who has experienced the change for so long that they barely remember having the issue (or not being this way).  Draw their attention to the future self's breathing, facial expression, gestures and posture.  

2. Have the client step out of herself and notice both future self and present sef.  Now have the client step into the future self.  

3.  Build up the experience of the future self by eliciting the physiology, map of the world, thoughts, feelings, rules, values, archetype, wisdom, and next...

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