Parts Negotiation and Cravings- A Case Study

hypnosis nlp stop smoking Feb 27, 2016

The following is a case study from a stop smoking session I ran a few weeks ago.  This was not my typical session as the client was very familiar with the coaching process.  He was a deep trance client which always makes for interesting and fun sessions.  

As you'll see, the interesting thing about this session was that the bulk of the change work occured as we worked through the cravings.  We went from a typical craving buster into a parts negotiation.  If you are familiar with NLP techniques, you will recognize the negotiation as a 6 Step Reframe.  

 The 6 Step Reframe as a Craving Buster - A Case Study

I recently had a smoking cessation client come to my office. When he arrived he was visibly nervous, now I ask all my stop smoking clients to smoke their last cigarette the night before our session and this client had complied with my request, however it was clear from his state that not having his regular cigarettes through the day had...

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