The DTI Pattern You Should Do With Every Client

deep trance identification hypnosis nlp Mar 06, 2016


The Future Self Deep Trance Identification Pattern 

This technique is a powerful method for formating your client's unconscious mind for success.  It invites them to dream into who they really want to be even beyond the change they want to acheive with you.  Most importantly it pulls them irresistably through the change process.  


1. Invite the client to create an image of their future self.  This is the version of them who has experienced the change for so long that they barely remember having the issue (or not being this way).  Draw their attention to the future self's breathing, facial expression, gestures and posture.  

2. Have the client step out of herself and notice both future self and present sef.  Now have the client step into the future self.  

3.  Build up the experience of the future self by eliciting the physiology, map of the world, thoughts, feelings, rules, values, archetype, wisdom, and next step.  

4. Lead the client to look back and notice their 2016 self (or whatever year it might be), changing and taking steps toward becoming this future self.  You can ask the client what are the steps that other self will take to become the future self.  

5. Have the client step out of the future self and feel the connection between the two selves.  Finally the client will step back into the current self and see the next smallest step they need to take on their path to becoming their awesome future self.  

Have fun creating amazing futures with your clients and experiment with this yourself and enjoy using DTI to build the future of your dreams.  

If you would like to explore this pattern further please click below to get free access to the full Future Self DTI chapter from our book- "Deep Trance Identification" by Shawn Carson, Jess Marion, and John Overdurf. 

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