The GRIT Induction

hypnogame hypnosis induction Mar 01, 2016


The Goal Repetition Induction Technique comes from Stephen Gilligan and is a lovely induction to use with friends.  Not only is great for the "hypnotee" but it also allows you to practice your free form trance skills. We teach this induction to all of our NLP Master Practitioner classes.   

The Steps: 

  • Ask your partner to come up with a goal. Help him or her to state that goal in a single statement that is evocative.  Ex "I am flowing into creativity" 

  • Ask him to begin repeating the goal, one word for each breath "I - am - flowing - into - creativity" 

  • When he is comfortable begin to weave a trance induction into his goal " I - you - AM - you are - FLOWING - flow in - TO - to one"  


  1. This is a great induction for you to practice your free-form hypnotic language skills in a controlled environment.  Use tonality and sometimes say nothing.  Other times speak over your partner.

  2. Slow your partner down enough so you have time to speak between his/her words. 

  3. The main thing is for the hypnotist to have fun, use puns (the unconscious loves puns). 

  4. Your partner can experience this as a double induction and it can lead to very deep trances. 

This graphic is taken from our book- HypnoGames for HypnoJunkies

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