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hypnosis induction nlp Feb 01, 2018

Nested loops are a powerful story telling strategy that will transform presentations and for the natural born story tellers out there, client sessions.  In the video above Jess demonstrates a nested loop within a live training.  This story telling technique is important tool for presentations because it gently bypasses the critical faculties of audience members by not putting any pressure on groups members to respond in any specific way.  Most people do not consciously recognize absorption as hypnosis so you are able to take this skill into group settings where formal hypnosis may not be appropriate.  

Why nested loops as opposed to single stories?  

Firstly, they allow you do a number of things at once.  We will explore this more in the next section.  

Secondly, they give you tremendous freedom and scope to hypnotically and covertly address the needs of specific group members and reinforce multiple themes at one go.  

What is a Nested Loop? 

The easiest way to think of a nested loop is stories within stories.  You begin a story but at some point (usually right at the moment of tension or peaked interested) you break away from the story and start a new one.  You repeat this for as many stories as you would like to tell.  Once you've opened the last story and cut it off, as long as you've opened enough loops to see trance in your audience, you will deliver the main hypnotic suggestions you would like for your audience.  Keep in mind the more loops the deeper the trance.  

Now it's time to close the loops.  Let's say you've opened 5 loops with story 1 being at the top, all the way down to 5.  After you give the suggestions close loop 5 then loop 4, and 3, and so on until story number one is complete.  

What Can We Do With Nested Loops? 

Listed below are the 5 main reasons we use nested loops.  Perhaps you can add to the growing the list.  







Nested loops just like single loop stories allow us to pre-teach concepts, introduce training themes, and covertly demonstrate techniques.  When wrapped in a story these are not recognized consciously as being significant to the presentation or class.  Once they are consciously introduced however, there is quick recognition and integration of the information.  


Nested loops are perfect for the elicitation of multiple states and behaviors.  Left to itself a nested loop will create trance.  This of course isn't the only state desirable from a group.  There may be a number of states you'd like the group to experience, Think Chaining Anchors, and the various loops allow you elicit those. 

Hypnotic phenomena can also be elicited within a nested loops.  


Nested loops can also be crafted to install states and behaviors within a specific context.  For example if you want a group to approach an exercise with a sense of excitement you might use the opening of the loops to pace and lead the audience states, at the bottom of the loop use direct suggestion for the engagement in the exercise and then as you close the loops future pace outcome states and End State Energy.  

It doesn't stop at states and behaviors.  You can also install new beliefs, values, and even make changes at the level of identity.  Do not underestimate the power of stories.  


Nested loops are a great way to help attendees who have participated in a multi-day group experience integrate their experiences, the themes you've introduced, and what comes next in their lives.  


Amnesia is probably the most talked about reason for using nested loops.  Our brains crave completiont.  As you break off each loop the listener's brain is scanning for the completion of the loop and not paying conscious attention to information that is not pertinent to the stories.  Then stacked on top of that you have the Primacy and Recency principle which is the idea that we sort for beginnings and ends and don't pay conscious attention to what happens in the middle. You can fill the bottoms of your nested loop with direct positive suggestions and the conscious mind is less likely to remember it after your close the loops.  The more loops you have the greater the chance for amnesia to naturally occur.  

Don't Close Those Loops So Fast!

There may be times when you will want to consider leaving loops open.  Open loops cause the listener to fill in the ending for themselves.  This can have therapeutic implications.  It also creates curiosity which is a powerful resource state especially when going forward onto more conscious information or an exercise.  

Nested Loops Beyond Stories 

Nested loops are not confined to just stories.  Once you have opened a few story loops you can begin to create other experiences for the audience.  If you're presenting within the context of hypnosis, meditation, or any other consciousness altering technique you can use Markov Chains and the elicitation of hypnotic phenomena such as arm levitation once you are a few loops deep.  

You can expand your view even more and think of your presentation design in terms of a nested loop.  This is a fantastic way to do presentations and trainings focusing on personal development and transformation.  


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