The Michael Phelps Pattern


Last week we posted a blog about acheiving Personal Excellence.  This is an area of great interest for hypnotists and coaches both for ourselves and our clients.  Many of us got into this field because we personally experienced the power of hypnosis.  Today I want to share with you another pattern to help you on your personal path to excellence as well as something you can share with your clients to help them in acheiving their goals.  This strategy was the pattern of emotions and behaviors that helped Michael Phelps win 8 Olympic medals.  

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The 5 Keys to Personal Excellence

coaching excellence goals nlp Feb 19, 2016

 Personal Excellence is one of those terms that gets tossed around alot in the personal development community.  It's something coaches and clients strive for but often times it feels like an illusive dream.  It's an idealized outcome that people search for and yet don't have practical steps to acheiving it.  

Today I want to share with you an exerpt from my and Sarah's book, "The BEAT Coaching System".  In this section you will discover the 5 Keys to Personal Excellence.  When all 5 of these keys are in place, Personal Excellence happens automatically.  You can use these keys on your own journey and help your clients acheive their dreams.  

Keys To Excellence
There are several keys to achieving excellence in your life.

 These are:

1.    Knowing what you want

2.    Taking action toward what you want

3.    Knowing if those actions are moving you in the right direction, toward your goal


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3 Secrets Hypnosis Trainers Don't Tell You About Running Sessions On Skype

coaching hypnosis skype Feb 16, 2016

When I first started working with clients on Skype I thought it was going to be easy because it was the same as working with a client in person.  

I was WRONG!  

Not terribly wrong, it was after all not too different from in person sessions.  However there were some key elements of running virtual seessions that just aren't a consideration when doing in person work.  Once you address these differences the sessions become even easier.  

The interesting thing is I have seen a lot of disscusion from students and other trainers about virtual sessions and no one seems to directly address these issues.  So I thought I would put it out there to help any practitioners interested in running Skype sessions or who already are.   

Skype sessions can be a great way to stretch your sklls, make connections around the world, and of course it is fun and professionally rewarding.  

Happy Skyping!  


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